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Dyes Chemical

Dyes chemical are a coloured substance that has an affinity for the surface it is being applied on. In order to increase the dye's fastness on the fibre, it may be necessary to apply it as an aqueous solution.

Agarbattis Color Chemical

Agarbattis colour chemicals are made with a composition of sandalwood, agarwood oil, camphor, beeswax and aromatic plant. These are widely used in religious or spiritual activities or burned to give a nice scent. Agarbattis colour chemicals burn longer and completely safe to use.

Industrial Foundry Chemicals

Industrial foundry chemicals are used for making metal parts and components. Various chemicals are employed by foundries during the manufacturing process to clean, coat, and cool the metal components. Industrial foundry chemicals include lubricants, coolants, lubricants and degreasers.

1 naphthol has the appearance of a solid white crystalline crystal. It is an aromatic chemical compound and tastes sweet & woody along with a light rose scent. 1 naphthol can be dissolved in organic solvents but is insoluble in water.